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What is Involved in Dental Implant Treatment?

A new tooth root is created by placing an implant in the location of your missing tooth. A dental implant is made from a surgical grade of titanium and resembles a small screw.

Your dental implant is placed into your bone and gum tissue during an oral surgery procedure. After a healing period the abutment (post) is placed within your implant allowing the placement of a dental crown that restores your tooth structure above your gum line.

What Enables Dental Implants to Be a Secure Tooth Replacement Solution?

Untreated tooth loss can lead to a number of oral health issues. A dental implant supports your bone tissue, gum tissue, and your existing, healthy teeth.

Timing is essential when considering implant treatment for tooth replacement. The health of your jawbone and gums as well as your overall health is determined during your initial oral examination.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Your tooth function and appearance are supported and improved by the security of dental implant treatment. Your dental bridge and dentures can also benefit from the support and security of dental implants.

Your implant creates a new tooth root. After you heal following dental implant placement you will experience a fully restored tooth structure and the ability to eat, chew, and smile with confidence.

Dental Implant Facts

Your bone and gum tissue support the new tooth root created by a dental implant.

Your dental implant structure contains the implant (root), the abutment (post), and the tooth (dental crown).

Your dental implant will support and improve the health of your surrounding teeth, your bone tissue, and your gum tissue.

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