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The Benefits You Receive from Dental Implant Treatment

A dental implant secures your bite and overall tooth function. An implant will last longer and provide more security than dentures or a dental bridge.

An Overview of Your Dental Implant Benefits


Your jawbone provides the anchor point for your dental implant. This gives you a more secure tooth replacement without the movement common with dentures.

Bite strength

Your bite and chewing function will be strengthened and restored with a dental implant.

No tooth gaps

Your surrounding, healthy teeth are impacted by a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. Tooth gaps are closed by each implant and health is restored to your gums, existing teeth, and facial area.

Bone and gum tissue health

Tooth loss affects the health of your jawbone and gums. Your tissue health is improved with dental implant placement.

Teeth alignment

Misalignment issues can be caused by tooth loss. An implant will close the tooth gap and help eliminate the movement of your surrounding teeth.

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